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Maple Syrup

Here, in Quebec, the maple syrup is often associated as a dessert. Serve it COLD (from the refrigerator to the table); its taste is best. In Quebec, the traditional way to eat our maple syrup is plain as dessert: pour in a cup, add a little bit of cream and dip homemade bread. Delicious on pancakes, French toasts, ice cream, yogurt, and on all fresh fruits (strawberries, blueberries, etc ...). We also cook some meats with a little bit of maple syrup during cooking. For more suggestions, refer to Recipes section.

For maple syrup placed in plastic food containers or in glass bottles, always store in the refrigerator (eventhough the bottle is open or not yet open). You will keep your maple syrup indefinitely, without changes of color or taste. Then, here in Quebec, we always use the maple syrup COLD, directly from the refrigerator to the table; its taste is best.

For maple syrup placed in cans, you can store it in a cold room or in your cupboard (as any food in cans), if the can is not open. You will keep it many years. No metal taste because the can is covered inside with stainless steel. When you open the can, you transfer the maple syrup in a glass or plastic food container, and you place it in your refrigerator.

All maple products can be placed in a freezer, if you do not think to use them before many months. They will keep their real good taste indefinitely.

Available in Fantasy plastic jugs and in Sealed stainless steel cans (refer to the Order Form to know the sizes we offer).


Regular container

Fantasy container
Maple Butter

No butter in this product, but it is as butter for spreading. Delicious on toasts at breakfast (instead of jam). Try it also on the traditional "Tartine de crème" of Province of Quebec: take a large slice of homemade bread, add cream, and spread with "Maple butter". Delicious! Maple butter must be stored in a refrigerator or in a freezer.

Available in regular container (white) and in fantasy container (beige) ; 250 g each (½ pound). Mention your choice on the Order Form.


Granulated Maple Sugar

Same texture as brown sugar. Delicious on oatmeal, yogurt, ice cream, fresh fruits, on top of a warm apple pie or in coffee. No need to place in a refrigerator. Store it in a hermetic container as any sugar.

Available in the quantity 250 g (½ pound).


Maple Candies

Soft candies with « Maple Leaf » shape (same texture as fudge). Store in a refrigerator or in a freezer.

Available in different quantities : refer to the Order Form.


Hard Maple Sugar

You shave it and place on top of a cup with ice cream and maple syrup. Delicious on yogurt and on the traditional dessert named “Tartine de crème” (a large slice of homemade bread, cream and shaved hard maple sugar). This maple product must be stored in a refrigerator or in a freezer.

Available in 250 g (½ pound).



Refer to our Order Form on this Web Site. The prices are in Canadian Dollars.


  • It is possible to mail to you an order of maple products. They are heavy products, and it is why we inform you of the mailing costs before shipping. For U.S.A., the delay of delivery is between 5 to 10 business days (depending of the distance between Quebec and your state). For Europe, the delay is about 5 to 6 weeks (mailing by boat is the economical way).

  • We think that it is more advantageous for you to order directly and pay the mailing costs than to buy in your specialized stores.

  • No minimum quantity is required to place an order.

  • Complete the Order Form and send it to us by e-mail, fax or mail. Before shipping, we always inform you of the mailing costs. When we receive confirmation of your order, the parcel is mailed and you return to us the payment when you have received the parcel.

  • For payment :

    • We do not have the machine to accept the credit cards.

    • For Canada and United States, you pay with a personal check.

    • For international orders, you pay with an International Money Order (in Canadian Dollars).

  • And what will happen later? You will think to us every time you will taste our delicious maple products!

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